How to teach his son to become a real gentleman

How to teach his son to become a real gentleman

At one time, the father read the text exercises son: “I grew up my dream and become a better person as your father.”

Invocation that made his heart tremble. In his prayer that night, before going to bed, the father said: “Dear God, please God, please help me to become like sons and desire …”.

You imagine how good of a person? How can you tell them about a good man? You want to cultivate his son into the soul of any good qualities?

In today’s life, people often appreciate the standards as “successful, intelligent, attractive, interesting …”. And the noun “a good person” now has had little when people mention …

How to teach his son to become a real gentleman

How to teach his son to become a real gentleman

So, what is a good person?
Image “good person” is not the “ideal” in the current era. But there are some points that you need to teach your son as well to remind ourselves every day

1. Always try to be a compassionate person. That is absolutely not as simple as you think. And our era is the era is a need than those tender hearts.

2. Do not confuse the faith and goodness. There are many people today are always looking for ways to take advantage of the goodness, kindness of others. Do not let anyone do that to yourself and do not do that to anyone.

3. A firm handshake and a gaze frankly – it is very important. The man really must have this.

4. Never under any circumstances and do not get hit women and children. If I had to do it even once, you will probably never be known as a man!

5. Learn how to behave with your money. Without this ability, you will not go far. Do not let money control yourself.

6. Play the game the team. You can learn a lot from friends in this game. You will learn more about friendship, about the personality of men, on the strength of spirit. If someone you do not know the back cover for the game, he would never do it for you in any situation of life.

7. Be brave face bad person. Especially when they hurt people more vulnerable.

8. Remember that what you believe in. Only then will you be able to get there and you will realize when you do something wrong.

9. For the most sacred thing, always honest. Then you will not need to have a good memory.

10. If someone makes your heart broken, do not try to do it with the person. Do not do it to anyone.

11. Friends – there is a tremendous asset. Soon you will understand who the true friends of children. That would invite you drink a glass when you reach the first successful or failed to meet the first (it’s definitely going to happen).

12. Be open to all women. Three of three taught these three principles and that is never old. Do not let the woman to go alone on the empty streets, even when that child and he had a quarrel.

13. The real man always goes beyond the edge of the road. You have to go like that protects the woman’s child or the child or the mother, the father of the child from the cars speeding past. It sounds petty and stupid, but you must do so.

14. Be obedient son of his mother. Children can not even imagine what she did to me is like now.

15. Never let fear prevent you act according to justice. Sometimes you will be very consistent and can not run under the circumstances. You will understand the father say when something like that happens.

16. You must remember that you are living in an age where everyone has a video camera on the phone. Even if you despise it, then God is always watching the actions of you and you will not have to worry though … just about Facebook.

17. Give love to your wife or girl child. Even if you do not love them anymore, then I will not be betrayed them – find a different outlet. Be honorable man.

18. If my children ask me to play with it, never answered: “To other times.” If you regret the time to do it, you will regret it forever.

19. Remember that no lot in life who does not know fear. Because at the moment of fear that we will need a lot of tenacity. And that day will come someday. At that time, the focus of all the power of the will to stand for what I believe in and love for children.

20. Listen to your heart. Watch it. Do not be sorry if it’s going to lead you where you do not want. Even as it is still better than not listen to myself.

Remember the boy sitting in front of the television, with a mouth begrime as candy, will one day become adults. And the next day, you’ll wish it to become a better person.

But it all started from us. We can converse with his son that he should do better, but eventually they will have their own decisions according to the principle that we have to live and teach them from an early age to wear diapers .

If you thought that it would become the how – it is amazing and right. Being a good person – it has not been easy at all, but if you succeed, the world will thank you and your children will be grateful to you.

Please write your child a letter and told him a good person must be like. And the most important thing: let the person is like. If you can do that, your child will too.